How important are your company avatar photographs and profile pictures?

  • Are your Company Avatars up to scratch?
  • Do your emloyees’ avartars let your Company down?
  • Do your Company Avatars really represent your business?
  • Are your customers being driven to your competitors as a result of poor Avatars?
  • How important are Company Avatars?


Given the choice of the photographs below which person would you do business with?

DR1L5387Headshot Avatar Corporate Business iphone bad photographyiphone bad PhotographyTerrible Photograph taken on a Phone

First impressions count, and your prospects’ first impressions are likely to be of your avatars. Whether YOU are selling, or they are buying, customers will check out your site!

In today’s web based world the first step of most prospective customers is to check out a Company website. They want to see the product or service on offer, read about your company and make a decision as to whether they use you or check out the competition, and all in a matter of minutes. When faced with options, almost everyone will base their instinctive reaction on an outcome that is pleasing for them and they will do it subconsciously and based on individual preferences – If it is a subconscious action it will usually be to take the route they feel comfortable.


  • Give YOUR avatars a ‘head’ start with a fully professional set of shots by the experts at Kamara photo
  • Your staff will leave with a variety of images for use across your web and social media platforms
  • Consistency – either in your premises OR our studio – consistency of lighting, angle and attitude.


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