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Invest in your first impression with great profile photos from Kamara Photography

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First impressions count, and your prospects’ first impressions are likely to be of your avatars.
Whether you are selling, or they are buying, customers will check out your site!

Given the choice below which Company would you do business with?

DR1L5387Headshot Avatar Corporate Business iphone bad photographyiphone bad PhotographyTerrible Photograph taken on a Phone

Your Company profile images represent the standards set by your Company

When faced with options, almost everyone will base their instinctive reaction on an outcome that is pleasing for them. They will do it subconsciously and based on individual preferences – As this is a subconscious action it will usually lead to the route in which they feel most comfortable.

At Kamara photo, we can provide a solution to your corporate headshot images 

Give YOUR avatars a ‘head’ start with a fully professional set of shots by the experts at Kamara photo

Your staff will leave with a variety of images for use across your web and social media platforms

Consistency – either in your premises OR our studio we can achieve consistency of lighting, angle and attitude across all of your staff members

A choice of style to represent your industry sector


Our corporate headshot solutions are in use across a wide range of industries, from construction & industry, sports clubs through to finance & professional services

DR1L5666DR1L5666   DR1L5643DR1L5643   DR1L5306DR1L5306  

Some examples of common problems & solutions are shown below:

outoffocusoutoffocus Focus DR1L5306DR1L5306
baad lightingbaad lighting Exposure DR1L5441DR1L5441
too lighttoo light Exposure DR1L5368DR1L5368
awful lightawful light Light Direction DR1L5599DR1L5599
Bad Body Language 2Bad Body Language 2 Expression Headshot-01Headshot-01
Creased & over sharpenedCreased & over sharpened Appearance  DR1L5362DR1L5362
Bad light 3Bad light 3 Shadow DR1L5604DR1L5604
body landguage badbody landguage bad Attitude DR1L5439DR1L5439
focus compfocus comp

Composition, Focus & Lighting

Glasses GlareGlasses Glare Reflections Good GlassesGood Glasses
iphone badiphone bad iPhone vs Professional DR1L5319DR1L5319
wideA bad compwideA bad comp Perspective, Angle & Crop DR1L5447DR1L5447
light blurredlight blurred Focus & Composition Outside 4Outside 4
Stretch head footStretch head foot Distortion DR1L5377DR1L5377
WAng strech headWAng strech head Lens Selection DR1L5447DR1L5447

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