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I have spoken to many people over the years about exposure. Some people just seem to crumble at the idea and switch their camera to auto, which defeats the idea of spending some decent money on a camera that allows you to control all the settings manually. Some over complicate it and others get over whelmed by all the numbers.


Keep it Simple.

There are fundamentally 3 things you can change when it comes to exposure:

  1. Aperture
  2. Shutter Speed
  3. Film speed (usually referred to as ISO)

Ignore lens choices, focal lengths, composition..... for the time being. Learn it in bite size chunks, not all at once.

Now the thing I think people struggle with is that these things are inter connected. Which means if you change one of them in a given direction you have to usually have to change another in the other direction.



Lets start with Aperture. 

Quite simply the BIGGER the F number, the more stuff is in focus.

The SMALLER the F number the less stuff is in focus.

What I mean is the larger F number (e.g. F11, F16) will have a bigger range (depth of field) of focus and a smaller F number (e.g. F2.8) will have a smaller range of focus, so it will have a shallow depth of field.  So the key terminology here is Depth of Field, this links to the numbers on the lens barrel and will indicate how close and far objects will be in focus on a given aperture.

Some people do go on about how a low F number (e.g. 2.8) has a larger opening to let more light in and a higher F number (e.g F16) has a smaller opening to let light in. I believe this is where most people get confused. It is useful to know but to keep it simple...

...in my head I just think; a small F number means a smaller depth of field and a larger F number means a larger depth of field.


Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is how long the shutter remains open to let light in. If I am hand holding the camera I generally won't go below 125th of a sec, however there are exceptions to this. If I am inside I will sometimes go down to a 30th of a sec. 

So the choice of shutter speed depends on the conditions of shooting. If I am shooting a static object in low light and I have the camera on the tripod I can use a long shutter speed because I will not get camera shake and the subject isn't moving.

If I am shooting fireworks I will still use a long shutter speed (anywhere from 1 sec to 30 seconds) as long as the camera is on a tripod. That way you can trace the journey of the fireworks in the sky, it's essentially light painting.

If I am shooting a fast moving vehicle and I want to freeze the action I will use a faster shutter speed (like 500th of a sec plus). However I say that with a word of caution. Sometimes you can freeze it too much. If you want a bit of motion you have to experiment with slower shutter speeds.

The typical thing to do is a pan tracking shot where you move the camera in a panning motion at the same speed as the subject is passing across with a reasonably relative slow shutter speed to get the background in a blurred motion but the foreground subject sharp.


Film Speed (ISO)

This is essentially how quick the sensor reacts to light.  so higher ISOs react to light quicker and are used in lower light conditions.

Just be careful of noise. Modern cameras are getting much better at shooting at faster ISO speeds but I try and shoot in the lowest ISO speed I can.



So all 3 change the exposure of the picture (i.e. how bright or dark the photo is). If you adjust one you have to change another to compensate for that change.

e.g. If an even exposure (measured by a light meter) is 250th, F8, ISO 400 and I want more depth of field then I could change the aperture to F11. But doing this means I have let LESS LIGHT in (by one stop). So to counter this I could change the shutter to 125th of a sec to let MORE LIGHT in.  Or I could have kept the shutter as it was and change the film speed to 800 ISO.


I could ramble on about this all day, but these are my general thoughts. I am sure there are loads of people that will want to correct me on the exact terminology and science but these are just my thoughts and my ways of thinking when approaching photographic work.

Any questions please ask,

Shaun at Kamara


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Photoshoot-cost https://www.kamaraphoto.com/blog/2021/3/photoshoot-cost

How much will my photo shoot cost?

How much will my shoot cost?

There’s no such thing as a typical shoot and quite often a subject which at first glance would appear to be simple can be the most challenging.

As with all things, the more time something takes the more expensive it’s likely to be and all of our operators are established professionals, even armed with years of knowledge and lighting experience, things take time to get right.

We can produce standard pack shots if that’s what you need, but we can also provide interestingly lit and composed brochure and advertising style images.

If you’re after a quick snapshot of your product, we’re probably not the right fit for you, This does not mean that we’re unable to price your job. It simply means that we wish to deliver a product that is right for you, and any pro photographer will need to find out more information before they can price the shoot.

If a photographer is not asking a number of key questions, it’s highly likely that they will provide a pretty standard service and not something that will be bespoke to you.

Ultimately, the price depends on the brief and we do offer some packages on our website at kamaravideo.com.

Our kamaraphoto.com site is specifically aimed at stills photography and represents a small selection of the commissions we’ve carried out in Lincolnshire. So, if you’re looking for international experience at a local level, why not get in touch now?


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photography-services-products https://www.kamaraphoto.com/blog/2021/2/photography-services-products  

About our photography products & services

Although Kamara’s photography services cover a multitude of genres, we specialise in providing quality photographic services through our experienced photographers. We work with forward thinking Lincolnshire business owners and managers who are looking to make an impact in their industry sector and for who value is more important than price.

We provide international experience to local businesses and have worked for many international household brands. Brands such as Hotpoint, Harley Davidson and Emirates Airlines, and we solve the problem of making your product or service stand out from your competitors through understanding your brand and your goals, and we provide top quality images that will work for you, and we invest heavily in ensuring our marketing knowledge is current, in order to provide the best advice on the use of all these digital media assets, and through our experience with working with these big name brands, we understand the importance of consistency in strengthening your brand and how everything needs to tie together. 

We ensure that our photography assets dovetail into your strategy and are delivered in a format that is most suitable for the agreed use. We also have access to re-touchers and designers who can help pull everything together if you don’t have the capacity in-house.

We draw on the right designers for your business, there is no point in using a top designer to do a basic job. And we also understand that sometimes a basic job is what’s required. These designers also work from entry level right through to international blue-chip companies. So if you would like to see some examples of their work, simply ask.

Although we specialise in industry, transport, general Humber Bank business, and construction, we can provide regular progress coverage for construction projects, including time-lapse, plain pack and product shots, advertising style images and general press and PR shots. Shots for company reports, corporate head-shots, real estate, engineering and corporate events. And we have our own studio in Lincoln. If you’re looking for a quick snap-shot of your product or service, we’re probably not the right fit for you.

Our clients have discussed their business with us, in total confidentiality of course, and shared their vision. We have established how Kamara’s photography services can help them to meet their strategic goals. And we do this often alongside our video and drone services.

Our clients will typically have established how we can be a valuable, long-term asset to their business.


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Nikon or Canon - Which is best? by Kamara Photography Studio https://www.kamaraphoto.com/blog/2018/5/nikon/canon/which-is-best Kamara Photography StudioKamara Photography StudioProfessional photography by Kamara Photographer of Lincoln Lincolnshire

CANON or NIKON ???????????????


One of the most common questions I get asked as a photographer is which is better Canon or Nikon?

My answer is: Does it matter?! No, Not in the grand scheme of things.

The camera is just a tool like any other tool (including me), and yes there are certain things that people prefer about each manufacturer.

However, any photographer should be able to use any camera to create their work. The most important tool is the photographers eye (& brain) look at what is in front of the camera first.

Being one of the few photographers that has switched brands (or sides) I feel that I have some insight on the subject.

I used Nikon for over 10 years and I was more than happy with what Nikon provided but I was in a position to acquire a lot of canon cameras and equipment and I couldn't say no, and besides some of the Nikon gear I had was getting a bit tired and shabby. Yes it did mean learning a new system but it keeps the brain active. 

From my point of view I would like to combine all the best bits of canon and all the best bits of Nikon but that's never going to happen.

On a side note I also used medium format cameras for well over 10 years, more specificly Hasselblad, but no one ever asks me about them, well very rarely.

Thanks for reading. Any questions please ask.


Professional photography by Kamara Photographer of Lincoln Lincolnshire


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Company Profile- Professional Portrait Photographs Staff & Team https://www.kamaraphoto.com/blog/2015/10/company-profile-professional-portrait-photographs-staff-team Corporate-Group-14Corporate-Group-14Press Release

In today’s world of social media, your customers are becoming increasingly image conscious, and most of your potential customers will visit your web page prior to making a decision. The first thing their brain is programmed to see (and on which they may well base their decision) is the imagery and this will form their key, first impression of your business!

Corporate-headshot-17Corporate-headshot-17Lifestyle Corporate Photography Imagery is probably the most important, yet overlooked part of promotion and it is crucial for your Company to get this right. This includes images used by your employees on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


If you are in any doubt, ask yourself one simple question

Q.        Why do large successful Companies rely on strong imagery?

A.        Because it is effective


Corporate-Pressrelease-04Corporate-Pressrelease-04TYCO BMW Riders

Our research has shown that although many professional businesses in your sector may offer great products or services, they fail in their initial presentation. The days of taking a quick ‘snap’ of your employees to drop into your web-site are gone and web and social media now form a key, integral part of every business.


·                Do your staff portraits reflect your Company values?

·                Are they professional quality?

·                Are they consistent?

·                Do they reflect your business ethics – whether a serious Corporate business or a fun, approachable Company?

Corporate-headshot-09Corporate-headshot-09Commercial headshot Photographer With their bespoke photographic studio based in Lincoln, Kamara is offering you an affordable opportunity to ensure that your business creates that all-important first impression and that images used on social media and advertising by your team represent the core values of your business.



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