Commercial & Corporate Photography

Kamara  prides itself on the quality of photography offered to its commercial clients,  with a vast range of experience we can offer sound professional advice. With a fully equipped professional photography studio Kamara offers quality, creative photography ranging from small individual product shoots to large set pieces with composite imaging and post production.
We work on a case  by case scenario and can tailor a quote to your specific requirements. We recommend  that you discus your brief with us to build a more accurate picture of what you  are trying to achieve, how long it is likely to take and what resources are  required. Commercial work can vary  largely and may require an assistant for our photographer .
As we are all aware in today’s digital world an image  can be manipulated to many degrees. The phrase “a photograph never lies” used  to be true, but no more. The term “air brushing“, is now commonly used,  especially when referring to models in glossy magazines. We tend to refer to  this process as “image manipulation” or “post production”. As with the shoot  itself this can vary greatly, depending upon the brief from the client.  Sometimes minimal post production is required e.g.: taking out a mark on an  object and sometimes the post production can take longer than the shoot e.g.:  duplication, cutting out, or even stitching together.