History 1990 to Present

   RAF Cranwell Initial Officer Training Graduation Photography

   Since 1990 Kamara photography has built up a relationship with the Royal Air Force, incorporating RAF College Cranwell IOT graduations. This relationship has developed because of the quality of Kamara’s service, reliability, and appreciation of the security implications.
This relationship has proved very successful over the last 2 decades because Kamara understands the importance and prestige associated with the Initial Officer Training Graduation ceremony. With the parade, the lead up and ball, following the parade, being of equal standing and are carried out with the highest professionalism.
We aim to compliment the Graduation ceremony by creating a professional environment in the evening that reflects the highest standard you would expect for the Graduation Ball in the historic RAF College Hall Officers’ Mess.
One of the biggest advantages over the decades with the continuity of our service is people have been able to obtain further reprints all the way back to 1990 with one phone call. The experience Kamara has gained is invaluable as this is such a unique event with many different variables every single time, and can not be retaken. With our experience and reliability we look forward to continuing our current relationship with OACTU.
We are currently uploading the archive starting from IOT 001. It is a lengthly and time consuming process please bear with us.
Click here to see the archive list. For a specific graduation to be upload please contact the studio.